HV'ART Lacquer Paint Systems

The HV’ART product range has been developed by the team of craftsmen at Henry van der Vijver in London. It is a unique waterborne, environmentally friendly paint & lacquer system for specialist surface designs & finishes.

‘HV’ART Lacquer Paint’ has superior adhesion & durability to that of domestic paints
It can be made in any colour, has a hard crystal quality, a soft silky-smooth finish and in formulation is equivalent to the paints & lacquers used by premium furniture makers. Included in the system are: adhesion promoting primers & undercoats, tinted lacquer paint for furniture painting & a ‘Decorative Canvas’ (all available in any colour) as a base for decorative glazes. There are four different setting ‘Lacquer Glazes’ for all decorative finishes & a range of crystal lacquers with 10 sheens available starting from ‘Mineral 00’ Deep Flat working their way incrementally to the ‘Ceramic 90’ Ultimate Gloss. These lacquers can be used in conjunction with the HV’Art additives for ultimate durability.

This specialist lacquer paint range has been brought to market in collaboration with Elmbridge supplies, a 3rd generation family business based in Gloucester, who have the production facilities and flexible approach needed to support the demands of the decorative finishes industry.

Our Eco-Friendly stand

Solvent Free: We have been instrumental in the environmentally friendly water borne paint movement in the UK and although est. in 1988 the business has been trading as a ‘Green’ business since 1996 believing in looking after the planet, ourselves & our clients. It is our policy to use as few if any solvents as possible. We combine traditional skills with the continual improvement in modern waterborne technology so that our designs and finishes create minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional oil-based paint systems our finishes are multi layered & quick drying making their conservation more cost effective. We use our own HV’ART Lacquer Paint system for basecoats, furniture painting, decorative glaze finishes & lacquering & other than any specialist primers and stoppers this system is relatively odourless, solvent free, colourfast & non-yellowing which ensures that there will be minimal if any discolouration even in direct sunlight or behind furniture & paintings etc.

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